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Neuroscience in your hands


A platform that enables collect and store synchronized data from multiple sources and analyze in an organized environment

Manage Your Studies

All that you need, organized in one place.

Synchronized Data

All your data is synchronized automatically.

Advanced Previewer

Leave comments right on the timeline to get insights later.

Follow-up Reports

Evaluate your participant's progression through time.

Advanced Study Creation

Have access to a full-featured protocol creation tool.


Methodologies that predict customer preferences and behaviour

Product Performance

Ad Performance

UX/UI Performance

Physiological Data


Tools that provide insight into human behaviour


Electrocardiogram (ECG), (PPG)


Electrodermal activity (EDA/GSR)


Oxygen saturation (SpO2)


Body sensor (TEMP)


Breathing patterns (RESP / PZT)


Accelerometer (ACC)

Brain Activity

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Eye Tracking



Fully integrated with all tools


Great collaborations that produce great results

Expert Panel

Brilliant collaborators gathering expertise from all kind of different fields

João Valente

João Valente, Ph.D

Electronics and Computer Engineering

Luís Marques

Luís Marques

Lead Development and Architecture

Telmo Pereira

Telmo Pereira, Ph.D

Health and Bio-signals
Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra

Hugo Silva

Hugo Silva, Ph.D

Machine Learning and Biomedical Devices
Instituto de Telecomunicações

Claudia Costa

Cláudia Costa, Ph.D

Marketing and Innovation
Universidade Católica Lisboa

Hugo Almeida

Hugo Almeida, Ph.D

Consumer Behavior
Universidade de Aveiro

Ernesto Vilar

Ernesto Vilar, Ph.D

UX, Ergonomics and Product Design
Universidade da Beira Interior

Francisco Rebelo

Francisco Rebelo, Ph.D

Virtual Reality and Emotions
Faculdade de Arquitetura de Lisboa

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